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Organizing Self, Surroundings & Spirit in COVID Times

Denise Craft

President, Craft LifeStyle Management

September 9, 2020

You’re not alone. Legions of us are trying to juggle working, eating, exercising, teaching our kids, caretaking, housekeeping, sleeping and other tasks with the whole family at home under one roof. And, most of the added new responsibilities are done in one room in the home.

It’s crowded and cluttered and might feel a tad bit claustrophobic.

Looking at our home and the way we are living now, it makes sense that we are longing for the “good old days”. Those times when we had a moment to relax and our house was clean and well-organized.

Remember those days, not too long ago, when you used after-work drive time to clear your head and center yourself before crossing the threshold of your home?

Don’t you miss heading home to finally have a quiet night in after a calendar loaded with work and extracurricular activities? Remember that cherished feeling? It was peaceful, serene, and happy.

COVID has changed a lot of things. Yes, families are closer-many living under the same roof 24/7. Everyone has been stuck inside and, for some, the walls feel like they are bursting at the seams and closing in. Enough already!

Craft LifeStyle Management is expert at helping families transition their space, especially during times like this, where everyone feels on top of one another. We help you achieve a place of peace, calm and serenity in “your space.”

We can present many ideas of what to do to organize your space, but you may find yourself throwing the organizing tote across the room.

Design Comfort Zone

Choose one location to start creating a space of calm in your home, and your life, again.

Perhaps start with the most used or the most visible place in your house. Let’s call it the multi-purpose room. The place where you are working, teaching, eating, and living.

Or, find the spot in your home where you can shut off your brain-let’s call this area your comfort zone. It may be your bedroom, an empty storage closet, or your porch or deck.

Let’s focus on the comfort zone-a space so important to identify and create for your mental health.

Identify the spot or location in your home. Is it a comfy chair or an exercise mat? A small space is just fine. The only rule is that there must be no clutter on or near your comfort zone. Do not eat, work, do homework, etc. here. This is your space to just breath, think, read a book or whatever you choose to do in your downtime, which is a requirement for healthy living.

Or, if your yoga mat is your comfort zone, ensure the surrounding area fits your needs. Does it have enough room to stretch out? If you like music, is it easily accessible? Or, if you prefer silence, can you shut a door or go outdoors? Again, no clutter nearby.

Next make a short list of what you want in your space. It might include a chair, lamp, favorite coffee mug or side table. (A storage tote full of ‘stuff’ is not an acceptable side table.) Make sure you have a peaceful line of vision.

The comfort zone is the place, when you clock out of work and need a minute, you escape to. Protect it. Life and work are everywhere, and this area becomes your sort of sacred ground.

Keep in mind, this comfort zone does not need to be inside. There is still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors and fresh air, maybe with a few extra clothing layers. My comfort zone is outdoors – away from everything.

I enjoy watching birds gather around my bird feeders. Filling these feeders is part of my downtime process. I know I think better when I take the time to shut my brain off.

Think of it like this, when your car needs gas, you shut it down, fill it up, and wash it. You must do the same for your brain and energy level.


As you are re-organizing your space and life for your mental well-being, try to also build exercise into your daily routine. Think about a vehicle again. We don’t keep our foot on the brake and push the gas pedal to the floor and think our vehicle is not going to explode at some time.

We take our foot off the brake and let the vehicle go. We also shut the vehicle down when we arrive at our destination.

Are you shutting your mind down during COVID times? Are you giving it a break?

Or, are you merely getting up, walking 10 steps to your multi-purpose area (kitchen office/living space/dining table) and never getting a break? If so, you are causing so much more disorganization and paralysis in your life. You can’t even attempt to begin to organize anything.

This is why Craft LifeStyle Management is suggesting, even on a small scale, to organize your home. Find that place, move your body; go for a walk, take a bike ride, fill the bird feeders, move your entire body at least 30 minutes a day.