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Easing Stress in Times of Uncertainty

Catherine Swiniarski, J.D., Owner
Elder Law of Omaha

May 17, 2020

The senior population has been identified as the most at-risk demographic for COVID-19. Information coming out about COVID-19 is very fluid, which can also contribute to overall stress. Thankfully, there are ways to try and manage stress and stay as healthy as possible during this time.
Getting quality sleep during this outbreak will allow your body the time it needs to restore immunity responses to contagions. Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Staying calm, getting restful sleep, and remaining hydrated will allow your body’s natural defense mechanisms to protect itself.
Have someone near you help you stock up on supplies. Stay in your home as much as possible. If the weather permits, open a window for fresh air. If you have a home with a porch or patio, take in some sun for vitamin D. You want your immune system to be as robust as possible.
If you feel worried and panic is taking over your rational responses, seek a loved one or trusted friend to guide you through the steps you can take. There is a great deal that is unknown about the Coronavirus, but there is a great deal known about what you can do as an individual senior to combat the threat and remain healthy.
One other way to ease stress surrounding uncertainty is to make sure your future is planned to account for your wants and wishes should something unexpected happen.
No one wants to think about what could happen if they became so injured or ill they could not make their own health care decisions, or if they developed dementia or another condition that impacts comprehension and decision-making capabilities. Even though it is uncomfortable, detailing specifics and covering a variety of situations will give you peace of mind about your future and what you can expect in terms of care. Including specific details about the types of measures and treatments you want and those you do not will help your representative make the best choices for you if you are unable to do so for yourself.
At Elder Law of Omaha, we provide a “Health Care Decision Making Package” which includes not only a health care power of attorney but also a living will and HIPAA document. These documents allow you to express your wishes regarding medical treatment during times of illness.
A financial power of attorney and a will should be in the plan as well. A financial power of attorney names an agent to handle your finances in the event you are no longer able to. An agent can open and close bank accounts, write checks, and sell property if you choose to allow them the authority to do so. Like the health care power of attorney, the financial power of attorney should be created with legal advice to make sure your wishes regarding your finances are properly documented.
A will allows a person to determine who will inherit assets and appoint an executor who will make sure wishes are carried out.
We want people to receive the help and planning they need to feel safe and secure even when times like these make that a little more difficult.
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