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FALL – A little word FULL of Importance

Carol Schrader

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It’s amazing how, as we get older, we look at things differently.

Now when I think of fall (autumn), much more than football, colorful leaves and pumpkins come to mind. I’ve made a new word-connection: fall… as in “falling down”.

One reason I’m making that “connection” is because, not so long ago, somebody had a great idea and started promoting the first day of autumn as “Falls Prevention Awareness Day”. It’s a clever use of the word for a very serious issue.

The National Institutes for Health claim falls are the leading cause of injury and accidental death in adults over the age of 65. Falls and the fear of falling can cause decreased independence and disability.

Clutter, inappropriate footwear, poor balance, distractions, and tripping hazards can, by themselves or in combination, contribute to a stumble or fall leading to serious injury and even death.

We should all be aware of the danger of falling for ourselves and our loved ones.

I like this tip sheet. It’s colorful, visually easy to read and touches on primary ways to prevent falls: Click here to read
Here’s another list of tips from the Mayor Clinic: Click here to read

And… would you believe it? Someone actually set up a “flash mob” for fall prevention. It’s a terrific conversation-starter on the subject!

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