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Home Care, How Do I Decide?

Michaela Williams

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When you are facing the reality of needing home care to remain safe and independent, it can become overwhelming to decide on what direction to take.  You must decide what your options are and figure out which company or companies to use.  Ask yourself the following questions in order to help narrow down your search:

*Who will be paying for the home care?  It is wise to research if Medicare, Medicaid Waiver, a Long-Term Care Policy or Veterans Assistance can be utilized to help with the cost of home care.  If those are not an option, then you will want to use a home care company that accepts private pay.

*What level of caregiver is needed for the home care?  Will a companion be sufficient or is a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA), LPN or RN more suitable to fulfill your loved one’s needs?

Home care can be a helpful tool when someone needs some assistance to remain safe at home.  Caregivers can be found to assist with tasks such as physical therapy, bathing, dressing, toileting, meal preparation and light housekeeping.  It is typically a flexible option and can be utilized as often or as little as you need.  A complete listing of home care companies can be found in the ElderCare Resource Handbook at

By: Michaela Williams

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