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Mom, Dad – You don’t have money to fix the AC?

Mike Fujan

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Mom, Dad – What do you mean you don’t money to fix the air conditioner or buy your medicine or even food! You need a better quality of life than you have today! You own a farm and it is rented out! There should be more than enough income available to meet your needs for living. “Well” – said Dad “we don’t want to increase the rent on the farmer, it is tough out there!”

I have heard this situation many times and feel for the land owner that is disconnected from the reality of current land market rents. True North has been helping families for over 10 years with managing farms, ranches and acreages. We focus on your needs and what is important to you while getting a fair rent for the land you worked so hard to attain! Let me hear your story

By : Mike

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