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Are You Suffering From Too Much House™

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September 28, 2020

Have you lived in your current home for 20, 30, maybe 40 or more years? Are there rooms or even entire floors that you no longer use? Do you have repairs or maintenance items that you know should be taken care of, but you don’t have the funds or just won’t want to spend the money?

These are common items for a home owner that is thinking of selling their house and downsizing. As is the case with any important decision, you need to gather the necessary information, take time, and weigh all of your options. Selling a home and downsizing presents many challenges and raises many questions.

Questions You May Be Asking

Just some of the questions you may be asking are: Where will I go? What are the best housing choices for my current and future needs? What are the financial limitations or possibilities with a move? Is your present health part of the equation? What items do I want to take with me? How much is my house worth in its present condition? What repairs or maintenance items need to be addressed to make the house more sellable?

Is It Time to Sell Your House and Downsize?

Only you can answer this question. One of the primary items to consider is whether your house is too large or is just not the right housing solution to your current needs.

Has the death of a spouse made you ask if it’s time to move? This can certainly occur after the loss of a loved one.

Has your house become too much of a burden? Maybe walking up and down stairs is a challenge or has become a dangerous activity for you.

Are there repairs or deferred maintenance that should be performed? You may no longer want to take on the do it yourself projects that you once did. Maybe these items are not possible because of your current finances, or you just don’t want to spend the money on them.

Is your health situation that you either need to move in with an adult child or possibly move to a community with healthcare options available? This can often be a factor in determining that it is, indeed, time to make the transition to a better living environment, and enjoy life.

Items to Consider Before Downsizing

Some things to consider and take into account before selling your house and downsizing can include: The timetable you are working with in terms of when you’d like to move, your current health situation, if you need to move sooner than later, and other factors such as: The type of living accommodations you want to move to and the items you’d like to bring.

Choosing the Best Real Estate Professional

The right real estate professional can be a great asset in the process of selling a house and downsizing. They should have the experience in assisting homeowners who are in the various stages of the decision-making process of selling their house and downsizing.

And, most importantly, they should be able to offer multiple solutions to get your house sold.

The best real estate professional is someone who can facilitate a direct sale of your house in its current “as is” condition and accommodate your transition schedule to a new home, as well as the ability to market your house in a traditional manner.

Selling to a direct home buyer can be a great solution if you don’t want to show your house, have who knows who coming in and out of your house, do updates and repairs that you would prefer not to do or just don’t want to spend the money on, or don’t want to worry about the “catch 22” of selling your house before you know when you can move into your new home or moving and leaving a vacant house.

A direct home buyer may also be a good solution in situations where adult children, who live in multiple geographic locations, are tasked with getting a parent or loved one into a senior care community and do not have the time or ability to get a house into show ready condition.

Listing and putting your house on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) may be the best solution if you don’t mind those items mentioned above and want or need to maximize the value from your house.

The best solution to sell your house typically comes down to the benefits a home buyer or agent can provide and the value you place on those benefits.

Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

If you’re ready to take the first step with selling your house and downsizing, know that there are many resources available, so you can make the move that’s right for you!

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