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When life changes, a maze appears with those impacted standing at the entrance not knowing where to begin.

Clock ticking, they run inside hoping to find the path of least resistance. Sadly, that’s not generally what happens.

Trapped in the middle somewhere, the ‘event’ costs precious time, energy, and resources. Once out, folks are – simply put – spent.

I understand. That is why I developed this website.


If you look to the right, you will find the heart of this project; a trusted resource team working together to do what’s in your best interest. Each is listed under the category of his / her specialty.

As you are familiarizing yourself with them, take two steps back, pull together all of your necessary documents (legal, insurance, investments, tax returns, and budget), and encourage yourself to find proper perspective; yes, even in the midst of a crisis, especially in the midst of a crisis.

Once you realize that perspective, tap into the necessary professionals, educate yourself, and move forward.

Done right, you will have successfully replaced the maze with a path that leads to greater independence and peace of mind.


In addition to founding The Art of Aging, Inc., Cathy is the producer / host of “Consider This…” a weekly, 30-minute, statewide television program produced at UNO.

She also created, produced, and co-hosted the radio programs you will find on this website. (April 2009 – April 2014)

Prior to 2010, she worked as Director of Public Relations for Midwest Geriatrics, a senior development consultant for The Steier Group, and television news producer for KETV.

Cathy graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Broadcast Journalism degree in 1987.

Cathy A. Wyatt
The Art of Aging, Inc.
(402) 661-9611