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Walking into a life-changing event can be like walking into a maze: scary, overwhelming, time-consuming, defeating, and frustrating. No wonder most people want to get in and get out. Unfortunately, that path of what seems to be the ‘least resistance’ can lead to additional confusion later.

At a time when it’s understandable to emotionally check out, check in with Cathy. An older adult advocate, she has your best interest at heart, wants to educate you, and is willing to work with other professionals to encourage you to take a few steps back before going forward.

At the end of the day, problem-solving is about perspective. The greater the better!

It takes more time up front, but it’s worth it in the end.

Legal Documents

Do you have them? And, are they up to date? In other words, does the language accurately reflect where you are today and where you wish to go in the future?
What about other documents? Things like a budget, insurance, tax returns, and investments…

Once you have those in place, you have a much better sense of direction.
How are YOU doing? As a primary caregiver, for example, it’s imperative that you ‘bite the bullet’ and schedule appointments for yourself and not just those for whom you are caring.

Finally, you never know what you have until you have it all together. It is not uncommon to find a ‘needle in the haystack.

It is certain that life will change. Anticipating that by putting together a plan sooner rather than later, being proactive versus reactive, can lessen your time in the maze, or help you avert it all together.

How Can Cathy Help You?

Consultation:  Flat Fee (1-2 hours)

You talk. Cathy listens, takes notes, and summarizes the discussion
in a formalized report that includes suggestions for ‘next steps’
and professionals with whom to work.

Additional meetings, if necessary, billed at an hourly rate.

I would highly recommend Cathy for assistance with navigating elder care challenges and planning. Here is my experience to share!

Cathy was introduced to me following the most challenging hospitalization experience I could imagine, in caring for my aging parent. As a seasoned, experienced Registered Nurse, dedicating my life to patient advocacy, I was left appalled, speechless, and worst of all – feeling lost and helpless when the small-town hospital discharged her without an appropriate, safe plan of care. Even though I was literally with my parent during this entire time, fighting for her rights for a safe discharge plan, NOTHING I said or did or questioned seemed to matter with the inevitable outcome. We literally were “put on the curb” at discharge to figure it out ourselves. At the time, the staff agreed with my concerns, yet replied “There is nothing we can do- it is Medicare guidelines”. My mother lived alone. She had been admitted for several falling episodes (with injury of hitting her head), weakness, confusion and unable to safely live alone. I lived 200 miles away. She was discharged to me, to devise a plan of care, as there were no options available in a 60-mile radius, on a Friday evening at 5pm with the inclusion on her discharge papers of “requiring 24 hour care”. During my initial interaction with Cathy, I found her to be an intense listener, taking notes of my journey, validating my frustration and challenges of the experience with my parent. At the close of this initial interaction, she asked me what my hoped outcomes were. That was the easy – that this experience would NEVER happen to anyone else (looking at this particular hospital’s processes) and what do I need to know so I am best prepared for the NEXT time this happens (and it DID happen again and I was READY!).

Over the next several months, Cathy assisted me in formulating a step by step plan, educating me on what went wrong with the system, and how we needed to proceed to reach my hoped outcomes. Her thoughtful, kind demeanor guided me on how to remain focused on reaching the hoped outcome, rather than losing hope (aka giving up!) throughout the struggle, when going up against the “systems”. Cathy showed me patience in a way I did not know was within me, by demonstrating her patience with realizing what went wrong and HOW we need to communicate that. She emphasized these instances are not uncommon and being a change agent for our aging parents is a real thing! Throughout our working time together, she taught me the language I needed to use and how to pose a question to get the proper response. It truly is an art in navigating elder care!!

The relationship I developed throughout our work together has been priceless! The knowledge I have gained while working with Cathy – priceless! The challenges continue with caring for my aging parent and my toolbelt is much more prepared – thanks to Cathy! Priceless! I would highly recommend Cathy’s assistance in navigating any elder challenge, whether in crisis or in planning!

Jean Kardell, R.N. – Gretna, NE

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