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What can home care provide?

Michaela Williams

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What home care provides can depend on what type of company or individual you hire to care for your loved one.

There are three main types of home care companies in the Midwest: Home care registries, home care agencies, and non-medical companion companies.
To ensure you are getting the care your loved one needs it is helpful to determine the realistic cares that are needed. Take a look at a typical day and list out what needs occur. Companionship, toileting, bathing, dressing, meals, and light housekeeping are commonly offered. Does your loved one require insulin or wound care? If so, a nursing level maybe needed. Knowing what your needs are will help you find the right fit in a home care company.

A complete listing of Home care companies can be found in the ElderCare Resource Handbook. Click on and view the handbook for free.

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