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Celebrating Traditions

Marina Rosado-Hernandez

Outreach & Promotions Manager,

Intercultural Senior Center

August 6, 2023

Almost imperceptible behind her computer screen, Carolina Padilla meticulously reviews every detail of the next big fundraiser for the Intercultural Senior Center.

The Executive Director knows there are numerous expenses to consider, and the budget is always limited, but the members of the ISC—instructors and volunteers—always welcome this event with positive reactions.

Since Padilla founded ISC in 2009, there have been many challenges she has had to overcome, but none have stopped the growth of the programs that are offered at the Center. Programs, that are provided free of charge, Monday through Friday, to seniors from different parts of the world who have arrived in this country as immigrants or refugees.

She is aware that the greatest impact the ISC has on the Omaha community and the metropolitan area it serves, lies in fulfilling the main task of reducing the isolation suffered by seniors who do not speak the English language and who also do not have a way to transport themselves to where they would like to go.

As a result, this petite woman works tirelessly to preserve the dignity and well-being of all the men and women who come to the ISC, some of whom are already over the age of 100 and others who are much younger, since the services are available to those who are aged 50 and up.

Padilla and her small work team, mostly bilingual, focus on the fact that in the building located at 5545 Center Street, the seniors have the opportunity every day to exercise and expand their knowledge on different topics ranging from technology to the various artistic expressions.

The days when ISC occupied space provided by a church are long gone and their facilities today are upgraded vastly.  Although they have classrooms to share their talents and a garden to grow their own food, seniors still require more attention. For example, Padilla has emphasized the importance of providing mental health support for them.

In collaboration with other organizations, ISC provides enrichment opportunities to seniors who wish to share their wisdom and the traditions of their home country with younger generations.

“Traditions” are precisely the theme Padilla has chosen for the 2023 ISC World Bash that will take place on Thursday, August 24, in which it is expected to be able to raise funds to continue offering essential services such as food pantries, as well as transportation services.

With festivities like this, what Padilla wants most -and what she hopes to see in the future- is for people to truly become aware of the respect and care that seniors need in our society.

“There is not enough attention or services for the diverse aging community. We continue to forget many seniors have worked hard and have contributed to the growth of the Omaha metro area.

Organizations, partners, and many businesses are more aware of the need to support the elderly in our community. What is not there is an open and honest discussion about aging. We are all getting older and should be working together for a better life.”

And that conversation, as Padilla says, starts with our own family nucleus.

If you would like more information about the ISC mission, visit our website at: